X-EMS development timeline


Crowdfunding / pre-orders start

To fund the series production, and speed up the code development, we will be crowdfunding / pre-selling X-EMS units. This will enable us to push the development forward full-time, with a large enough workforce to move things forward at a nice speed!

xemsOS reaching maturity!

After much work, our hardware assisted timing-based embedded xemsOS in reaching maturity. All mayor functionality is in place and functioning. Mayor parts of the "engine" module, running on top of xemsOS is also done. Engine test runs, ultra-high-speed datalogging etc. works!

xemsOS full time development start

It was always the plan to use a custom hardware-assisted "OS" type core for X-EMS. Initial proof-of-concept and testing done. Full-time work on xemsOS starts now!

Spaghetti test code end-of-life

The spaghetti code used to test the hardware and basic functionality reached end-of-life. Debugging simply got too difficult with 6cyl turbo engines to make it a viable test platform.

xems.eu webpage released

Basic webpage released to the world. We will be building this up to a buzzing community site, feature by feature. The largest leap will be taken when open our pre-order campaign!

First XEMS-code librarys completed

Code restructuring and optimization is underway, and the first library's have been completed! "XEMSDueTimer" - for cpu timer setup and interrupt priority and handling. "XEMSWInterrupts" - for interrupt priority management of sensor input pins.

More test cars/engines

Initial testing on a single engine is completed. Now focus is shifted to generalizing the code to be able to run different engines. Testing will continue on a 1.8liter 4 cylinder "grocery-getter" engine, as well as on a 450hp 6cyl twin-turbo car.

First public road test

X-EMS test code has matured to be able to idle smoothly, work over the full throttle and rpm range, compensate correctly for intake air and coolant temperature etc.

First powered outdoor drive

Our quick-and-dirty code proves that the X-EMS hardware is more than capable of running a engine, and gauges how involved coding for the project is.

First engine start!

On this glorious day, with very basic and crude coding, X-EMS proto1 fired up a engine for the very first time!

X-EMS proto1 completed

The first X-EMS prototype board is assembled and ready for testing! The target for the proto1 board is to test out the hardware components, basic coding, and cpu capabilities.

X-EMS founded

Our founding fathers, Elmer Racing and Five Watts, concluded that the world needed a expandable and open source electronic management system, and set out to make this a reality!